2014 Conference

The Centre for Information Management at Loughborough University, in collaboration with the British Computer Society Data Management Specialist Group, held its inaugural International Data and Information Management Conference (IDIMC), on 17th September 2014.

The conference brought together researchers, managers and policy makers from academia, industry, government, commerce and the third sector. The overarching theme of this conference was ‘making connections’ to reflect the interconnected nature of data, knowledge creation and information management.

The day comprised a series of invited and contributed papers and posters and excellent networking opportunities throughout the day.

Conference theme: Making Connections

The information society and knowledge based economy rely on the organisation and retrieval of data and information; the processes associated with knowledge creation; and the knowledge required to design, develop and implement solutions that enable the exploitation of knowledge, data and information. However, it is when the contribution of these strands of important research are combined and integrated that their influence has the power to make breakthrough impacts on the information society and knowledge based economy. Therefore, the overarching theme of the conference was ‘making connections’, and papers were encouraged that reflected the interconnections and links between some of the key areas of interest outlined below.